Jukebox 3

Jukebox 3 is published by Doblinger and is avaiable in specialized shops or Amazon.
  • 17 independent solos or full-fledged duets
  • for individual or group instruction
  • 2 equally challenging parts for 2 pupils
  • pedagogic and didactic structure
  • various styles: Blues, Folk, Contemporary, ...
  • hints and explanations for every piece
  • playalongs in 2 tempi as free download
  • tested with pupils
  • successful in competitions


„Here is an interesting and varied set of pieces in various styles ranging from blues, jazz, folk and contemporary. Beginning with a 5/8 Moondance that gives both players plenty of practice in pull-offs, one finds plenty of variety, from the Irish flavoured Dubliner’s Dance to the bluesy No Sweat, and from My Favourite Boogie to the turbulence of The Sea. Everything is homespun, so you won’t recognize any of these little gems, but they are all worth playing, and are not too difficult. Altogether this is a fine little book. So if you are just beginning on the road to duet playing and you want something you haven’t heard before that is tunefully friendly, this is the place to start.”
(Chris Dumigan, CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE, July 2014)


Moondance Slow tempo concert tempo
Werewolf's Sunbath ÜbetempoSlow tempo concert tempo
Das Glück dieser Eerde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde ÜbetempoSlow tempo concert tempo
Caribbean Dreams Slow tempo concert tempo
Shank's Pony Slow tempo concert tempo
Dublinger's Dance Slow tempo concert tempo
No Sweat! Slow tempo concert tempo
My Favourite Boogie Slow tempo concert tempo
7 Slow tempo concert tempo
El mar Slow tempo concert tempo
A Stroll Slow tempo concert tempo
Träumerei Slow tempo concert tempo
Whistling in the Rain  Slow tempo concert tempo
Sommerregen Slow tempo concert tempo
Muddy Road Blues Slow tempo concert tempo
Fighting the Lion Slow tempo concert tempo
Pinky Plays the Blues Slow tempo concert tempo
All pieces in slow tempo about 27 MB
All pieces in concert tempo about 23 MB
In each playalong guitar 1 can be heard on the left speaker and guitar 2 on the right. By using the balance control you can easily mute one guitar. This gives you the opportunity to either play together with the recording or to play one of the voices on your own. The songs should definitely be played more freely. However, I didn't to make playing with the playalong a lot easier. The sizes of the mp3s range from 700 KB to 3 MB. The songs should definitely be played more freely. However, I didn't to make playing with the playalong a lot easier. The playalongs are also available at www.doblinger-musikverlag.at (downloads/soundfiles).