Gitarrentiger - Die tierisch gute Gitarrenschule für Kinder ab 6 Jahren
Learn how to play guitar with the tiger. At the moment only available in German.

ISMN: 979-0-012-20585-2
Order number: 35 963
Publisher: Doblinger

Weihnachtslieder für Gitarrentiger
20 of the most popular Christmas Carols in three different versions.

ISMN: 979-0-012-20595-1
Order number: 35 964
Publisher: Doblinger

Five pieces for hammered dulcimer
• Des Wahnsinns fette Beute
• Humming 'n Drumming
• Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt
• The End of Eternity
• Hackbrettdrumming
ISMN: M-50098-997-4
Publisher: 433

Rockodil 2 - E-Gitarre für Aufsteiger und Umsteiger
This is volume 2 of the book for young, electric guitar players. Yes, it is in German but music is a universal language. Learn to play hit songs like James Bond Theme, Imperial March (Star Wars), I Love Rock 'n Roll, Knockin' on Heaven's Door and many more.

Order number: 35 960
Publisher: Doblinger

Herculean Tasks 12+1 Etüdes for your Olypian Guitar Technique
12+1 etudes for every guitar situation: arpeggio, changes in position, bar chords, hammer ons, pull offs etc.
Each piece is easy to learn by heart and is also suitable for any concert. Since each piece can be played in different levels of difficulty this book is for beginners and advanced players.
In standart notation als well as in tablature.

ISMN: 979-0-012-20439-8
Order number: 35 958
Publisher: Doblinger

Rockodil - E-Gitarre von Anfang an
Finally, there is a school für young, future electric guitar players. However, so far it is only in German.

ISMN: 979-0-012-20373-5
Order number: 35 954
Publisher: Doblinger

Die Jukebox 3 ist ein weiterer Band in der Jukeboxreihe. In diesem Fortsetzungsband sind 17 Stücke unterschiedlicher Stilistiken zu finden.
Moondance, Werewolf''s Sunbath, Das Glück dieser Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde, Caribbean Dreams, Shank's Pony, Dubliner's Dance, No Sweat!, My Favourite Boogie, 7, El mar, A Stroll, Träumerei, Whistling in the Rain, Sommerregen, Muddy Road Blues, Fighting the Lion, Pinky Plays the Blues.

ISMN: 979-0-012-20135-5
Order number: 35 950
Publisher: Doblinger

Jukebox 2 (2012) continues where the first book ends. It contains 20 pedagogic didactic compositins for 1 or 2 guitars in various musical styles.
The Sunflower, Hot Chocolate (Boogie), On Holidays,Voucher for a Smile, Friday Afternoon, A Tale of the Green Isle, La bailadora, Trance, Triumphmarsch, Highlander’s Dance, Fortune Cookie (Blues), Once Upon a Time ..., 2 Cowboys in Las Vegas, Falling Stass, Aurora, One Last Time, Walking ‘n Whistlin’ (Blues), Thriller, Joyride in a Pink Cadillac, Don Alfredo (Tarantella)
ISMN: 979-0-012-20133-5
Order number: 35 941
Publisher: Doblinger

"Quantum of Action"
is a contemporary piece for dulcimer and guitar, which I wrote especially for 2 pupils for the music competition Prima la Musica. It was performed in age group 3 and turned out to be a huge success. Congratulations one again to Marina and Ricarda, who managed to win the all-Austrian competition with the best possible prize: 1st prize with distinction:
The piece lasts for approx. 4 minutes and is a fast, rhythmical, catchy tune with a lot of energy, a pumping pulse and a very special tonality. In contrast to this, there is a short and dreamy middle section. The title sums all of this up in the little understatement: “Quantum of Action”.
ISMN: M-50098-956-1
Publisher: 433

Jukebox is a colletion of 20 pieces of various styles for 1 or 2 guitars. It is being published by Doblinger and is available there as well. The book includes the following pieces:
Morgenstimmung, Der Gitarrist, Gib mir 5, Der Packesel, Freudentanz, Der Wind in den Weiden, Los muchachos (Die Jungs), Welcome to Jamaica, Las muchacha (Die Mädls), Die Rose von Jericho, Der Boss, El torero (Der Stierkämpfer), Zwillinge, Blue Rag, Easy Come Easy Go (Wie gewonnen so zerronnen), Honky-Tonk Blues, Mississippi, Der Januskopf, Rob der Roboter, Adiós (Tango)
ISMN: 979-0-012-19861-1
Order number:  35 932
Publisher: Doblinger

"Célines Traum" (Céline's Dream)  for piano solo is published in the collecion Vorhang auf! by Doblinger and has been edited by Bernhard Parz. I composed "Célines Traum" after winning the Wendl & Lung composition prize and it has been performed at the piano competition Prima la Musica.

ISMN: M-012-198284
Order number:  01 430
Publisher: Doblinger

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